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Planet 22 Web Design
Planet 22 Web Design is a web design business whose main aim is to help you maximise your company's potential through the use of the Internet. Planet 22 can help your company design a web site that best suits your needs.

Planet 22 can also host your web site. We are all you need to introduce your company to the world wide web. Planet 22 Web Design is your one-stop, Internet shop.

But why choose Planet 22 Web Design? Well, unlike many other web design and E-commerce companies, we won't just design your web site and leave it at that. Planet 22 will design your web site so it is not only easy to use, but will also be search engine friendly. Therefore enabling your company to reach more of your potential customers. A beautifully designed website without taking into account search engines is like owning a shop and never letting any customers in.

Planet 22 Web Design will try and keep things as simple as possible for you. When designing your web site, Planet 22 will not include expensive and unnecessary facilities. You tell us what you would like from a web site and we at Planet 22 will design your web site to meet these needs.

Whether this is your first experience of a web site, or you currently have a web site that is in need of a make-over, we can help. Simply click on the links to find out how Planet 22 Web Design can help unlock your business' potential.

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